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Beer Tasting

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The best stag do pre-game is the one that’s got drinking loads of beer on the agenda. In Budapest, beer tasting is a stag party classic that many of the younger generations have unfortunately been passing up on. We can’t exactly blame the youth of today for wanting to go straight on to chugging the beer down their throats on stag nights but we’ve got a feeling, that finer gents like yourself will take a liking to it. 

These days, there’s nothing more popular than craft beer. Sure, it may sound a bit fancy for a stag party, it may even seem a step or two above the usual ice cold beers you have on the regular but it’s actually just beer by a smaller, less commercialized maker. And just like that, you’re a craft beer connoisseur! Actually, it’s cicerone but you’ll be so drunk you won’t know either of the words by the end of the bachelor party. It’ll be an entirely different experience from your usual get drunk, party like crazy then pass out nights back in the day but it’ll still involve a lot of good beers. Refine your taste for beer and lay back, chill out and discover new ways to enjoy beer with the lads.


English Speaking Guide

Hungarian crafted beer tasting session

Beer snacks


3 hrs


£ 26 per person

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