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Ice Skating

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You and the lads are reuniting after having been apart, living your lives, for quite some time now. The excitement to see each other again and for a bachelor weekend in Budapest must be driving you mad and we totally get it. Budapest is the stag party capital of Hungary and you’re right to be thrilled. You’re looking forward to reliving your younger days when partying was the only thing you ever did on the weekends and this time, you’re going to get to do it all over again on the most epic type of parties, the stag do. 

But what if the stag party is set to happen around winter time? The stag night doesn’t officially start until late in the evening and you and the lads have got to have something to do to keep your blood pumping and what else is there to do in winter that’ll get you moving? We don’t want any of you to freeze waiting for the party to start so we’re taking you out on the ice. Don’t worry if you’ve never gone ice skating before, it’s even more fun that way. So, get the lads to agree to it and expect to be filled with laughter and a day of memories you can cherish for a lifetime.


English Speaking Guide

Outdoor ice skating rink

One hot drink each


1.5 hrs


£ 29 per person

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