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Sexy Photographer

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You and the lads are off to make wild memories on the upcoming stag do in Budapest. But with all the crazy things you plan on and end up doing on the bachelor party, no one is going to believe a word you say about how insane things got unless you’ve got the pictures prove them. 

We want you to have the absolute best stag party of your lives so there is no way we’re commissioning some lame old dude to take your photos for you. We’ve got something better in mind and it’s one of our simplest yet most popular stag do ideas. 

Have great quality photos taken of your bachelor party by hiring a sexy photographer to document your shenanigans. Yes, it’ll be a sexy female photographer and she’ll be dressed for your visual pleasure. But lads, she is not a stripper so please let her do her job without asking her to take her clothes off or dance, not even for the groom. 

The sexy photographer can be hired on an hourly basis, depending on what you intend to do for the evening. You can have her at all of your stag do events in Budapest as long as you’ve made the proper arrangements.


English Speaking sexy photographer for any of your activities

Professional photos


1 hrs


£ 36 per person

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