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Wine Tasting - Stags

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Take your upcoming stag do in Budapest up a notch and book the wine tasting. For once, try ditching the loud bars, the strippers, and the massive hangovers and trade it all in for something more refined and tasteful, befitting of a true gentleman’s bachelor party. 

Sample and learn about some of the best wines Hungary has to offer. This bachelor party is all about going from knowing nothing about wines to wanting to become a wine connoisseur. Soon enough you’ll be confidently showing off all your new wine knowledge. Your stag party is about to go down as the most sophisticated thing you and the group will probably ever do together. But don’t let yourselves think that wine tasting as a stag party activity is something boring. It’s actually quite a lot of fun. Once you’ve been taught about the wines, you’ll be quizzed about it in the form of fun games and so much more. 

The great thing about doing the wine tasting with the gang in the afternoon is that in the evening the group will still have time and energy to have a wild stag night in Budapest if they really can’t resist it.


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2 hrs


£ 43 per person

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