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When planning a stag do in Budapest where you’ll probably be out all night partying your lives away, having a fancy room to “sleep” in isn’t practical. Trust us on this, you’re better off allocating those extra quid towards the drinks on your stag party.

Because Budapest has become one of the most popular destinations for bachelor party gimmicks in Hungary, cheap stag accommodation options have been popping up all over the city for tourists just like you. 

You can now choose from a long list of decent hostel options to book your stay in for the weekend.

Hostels along Budapest’s busiest streets aren’t the type that will make you sigh and think to yourself, “You get what you pay for”, no sir! 

Just because it’s got that S in it, it doesn’t mean it’s a far cry from what a good stag accommodation is! In fact, because of the steady stream of party goers, you can have a hotel-type stay at many of the hostel options in the city.

If you don’t trust us, you can check some Budapest stag reviews and revert back to us with your booking details.


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