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Guided Bar Crawl & Stag Arrest

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Get ready for the performance of your lives with this Guided Bar Crawl & Stag Arrest activity, you’ll be acting like you have no idea that hardcore partying on a Budapest stag would be a crime! 

By booking this experience we’ll need the group to be fully cooperative for this prank to be successful. Everyone in the group must be aware of this stag prank and must swear not to tell the stag that his arrest has been planned. 

We’re taking you on the Guided Bar Crawl as usual without you knowing when the Stag Arrest will happen. Fake police men, with a fake police car will approach your group and ask to see some ID. They will know who the stag is and once identifying him, will tell him that something is wrong, the stag party is over and that he needs to come with them to the police station. Assign one friend to accompany him and keep him calm throughout the arrest. 

As he’s being transported to the “police station” your group will simultaneously be brought to the lap dance club where everyone will be revealed and the real stag night begins!


English Speaking Guide

3-4 bars and pubs to visit

Fake Stag arrest in one Bar


3 hrs


£ 65 per person

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