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Married a Stranger Stripper

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f you’ve got all your stag activities down and your stag accommodation arrangements finalized, then you’re all set for your best mate’s stag do in Budapest!

But wait!

What if we told you that you can take the final hours of your stag weekend in Budapest and turn it into the most epic part of the entire trip?


The Fake Bride Stripper is the king of all stag do pranks and for good reason.

As your stag wakes up from an insane night of partying, give him the shock of his life he will never be able to recover from!

With a suitcase prop and fake wedding certificate to match, the Fake Bride Stripper is going to convince your stag that she’s ready to start their new lives together!

Your stag won’t know what hit him and as each second passes he’s going to try to remember what happened on his bachelor party that led to this monumental mistake.

As he’s trying to figure out how he’s going to tell his real bride, the Fake Bride Stripper will perform a striptease to try and make things better by reminding him why they got married in the first place!

Let us know what time and where you want the prank to happen and our Fake Bride Stripper will meet you there!


English Speaking Guide

Fake Bride

Fake wedding ring

Fake Wedding certificate

10 minute Strip Show


1 hrs


£ 29 per person

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