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Party Bus Hire

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Some people just aren’t satisfied with partying at a night club for a supposedly epic stag do in Budapest, they expect the full service and the full service is exactly what we’re prepared to offer you! 

We have some pretty cool stag do ideas that will blow your mind. We’re throwing you a stag party that’s a club crawl, an exclusive party and a stylish ride all rolled into one! 

We’ve got big and small Party Bus for your group to see the best of Budapest on your stag night! 

Mind you, these aren’t just regular buses with party music and a bunch of disco lights. You can expect some major Pimp My ride upgrades to the public transportation vehicle that transforms it into a roving club! 

Bring your party anywhere in Budapest and have a stag night you and the lads will have a hard time ever forgetting!

Meet interesting new people when you make stops at Budapest’s top party destinations or keep your party exclusive by staying on the bus, touring Hungary’s party city in a world of your own!


English Speaking Guide

Party Bus Hire for 1 hour

2 Beers Per Person


1 hrs


£ 56 per person

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